What's fresh?

Bowers Beef are happy to talk to any business, who may wish to consider us as their meat supplier. 


With our cutting room and contacts in the trade we are happy to talk to you about supplying meat to your requirements. You may have particular cuts not typically offered by butchers in your area or wish to join us for a session enabling you to cut meat to your requirement. We are happy to discuss this with you and can send our produce all over the UK. Please call us to discuss options. 


We can now offer home reared rare breed pork in to the catering trade. The pigs are tradionally reared on barley giving the meat that suculent melt in the mouth taste. The pork can be made in to bacon, gammons, sauasages or any cuts that you may require.


We also can now offer a service where we supply burgers/ sausages/steaks etc and come and cook them for parties weddings etc. So we rear the animals, and look after them until they are ready for you contact us at the usual addresses