Fresh Farm Beef

About us

Our farming family share a wealth of experience which collectively we use to breed and raise our prime beef cattle in the lush fields of the Stour valley.  We pride ourselves on the high quality of our beef and pork, an achievement in part due to the  lifestyle, care and attention each receives and the absence of growth accelerators or artificial hormones.  Being locally reared, it is also fully traceable.

Bowers beef and pork is enjoyed by three generations of our family and many of our friends as well as a growing loyal customer base.Try our beef and pork for yourself - we are confident that you too will agree our meat is second to none in both quality and flavour. 



We shall have our beautiful beef there, freshly cut and packaged in our cutting room. We really do know what happens and where it comes from!As well as joints and steaks we shall have mince, stewing meat and off course the freshly cooked burgers and sausages made at home too; all by ourselves.We have 6 or 7 T bone steaks at the start of te market but they do go quickly, so be early!We look forward to seeing all our regulars and hpoefully now it is begining to warm up some newcomers as well.

We have just done 2 lovely week-ends at two-day shows: the first was at Leestock helping Pippa do her hogroasts and the ssecond one was at Wetherden Steam Rally, both of which were really busy and very friendly. When you are told "you had the longest queue so we tagged on", it makes you think something must be going right!

The burgers and home-made sausages always go down well and we get to see lots of familiar faces, and we are now doing burger bars and hog roasts for parties etc.

We aren't going to be at Tastes of Sudbury this year but our beef will be at the farm instead. Come and see us there

! See you there!

When we are at Bures we shall also have fresh meat at the farm. Please either call in advance and order it (then it won't go to Bures) or come down after about 4pm and see what is left. If you see Philip he has been known to do good deals if he is in a good mood.

Philip, Pamela, Peter and Pippa Bowers

Bowers Beef and Pork

Our produce

Having been careingly reared, our beef cattle are slaughtered locally, minimising transportation distance and therefore stress to the animal. The meat is then hung in the time honored tradition for three weeks, enhancing the flavour and tenderness.

Once butchered, the meat is then bagged and labelled for your convenience and boxed in thermal packing for distribution. 

How to try our meat ?

The best way to try a selection of our beef and pork is by coming and finding us at a  local market at the weekend or by calling down and seeing us at home. We have a butcher who helps us when needed and who is really great at cutting joints as  ordered, so come and try him too 

It's really nice to see customers and friends at events and we are also regularly at Bures farmers market on the second Saturday of the month from March to December,so please come along-we're in the meadow by the bridge. Check the web site and facebook for details of future dates

If you have an event or party we can make any size burger you want, either for eating normally or as a challenge ina party game. Ring us for a quote and see! Also don't forget we can also help you cutting any animals with the help of our butcher - give us a ring and have a chat, arrange an appointment either for a visit or for any aspect to do with this idea at all!